The Top Five Benefits of IT Auditing

[ad_1] IT auditors frequently find themselves educating the business community on how their work adds value to an organization. Internal audit departments commonly have an IT audit component which is deployed with a clear perspective on its role in an organization. However, in our experience as IT auditors, the wider business community needs to understand the IT audit function in order to realize the maximum benefit. In this context, we are publishing this brief overview of the specific benefits and added value provided by an IT audit. To be specific, IT audits may cover a wide range of IT processing and communication infrastructure such as client-server systems and networks, operating systems, security systems, software applications, web services, databases, telecom infrastructure,

HIPAA 101 For Long Term Care Facilities – Resident Rights and Privacy Rule

[ad_1] HIPAA stands for: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA is a regulation enacted by the US Congress to protect resident's privacy. This law puts strict limits on who is allowed to see a resident's health information and who can not. HIPAA is a "RESIDENT'S RIGHTS" law. HIPAA sets national standards that all our long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices and insurance plans to follow. THE PRIVACY RULE The Privacy Rule is all about who gets access to a resident's health information and who does not. The Privacy Rule means every resident has certain rights such as: – The right to access, inspect, copy, and request changes to your medical records; – The right to say who

Jerusalem's Best Hospitals

[ad_1] Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, lies in the Judean Mountains nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. Together with East Jerusalem it forms the largest city of the country. It is a great tourist attraction for religious and cultural reasons. Bikur Cholim Hospital is situated in the heart of the city at the junction of Strauss and Hanevi'im, Jerusalem, 492. It was set up in 1826 and over the years it has emerged as one of the largest and most important hospitals of Israel. The branches of medicine for which the hospital offers treatment are surgery, pediatrics, ENT, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, nephrology, neurology and urology. The hospital also has an Alternative Medicine Clinic, Neonatal Intensive

What Is Considered A Junk Car?

[ad_1] The term is thrown around quite often, you hear it all the time in conversations or in anger for times when a car is not performing as well as it should, but what is actually considered a junk car? Many people picture an orange rusty old little car sitting on a lawn or in the driveway, I mean that was the first thing that used to come to my mind before I became so fondly familiar with this field. It never occurred to me that anything beyond that mental picture could be called, and let alone considered a junk car. Just some old parted out "thing" that had no purpose for anyone whatsoever, see I still can not get

3 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Investing Without Ever Buying a Property

[ad_1] There seems to be what I call a fog of information about real estate investing. It is not uncommon for a wannabe investor to pay more money learning about real estate investing than he would pay for a master’s degree. Even after spending all that money, many investors never do a real estate transaction. In spite of this there are some individuals making substantial incomes without actually buying and selling properties. Following are three techniques that individuals in the real estate industry are using to make money without actually buying and selling properties themselves. I omitted ancillary investments like tax deeds or tax liens, lease options, options, realtors as commissioned agents and other methods that do not require your

What to Know About That Aetna Dental Insurance Plan and Discount Plan

[ad_1] Aetna has come up with some very nice programs for helping you save money on your dental work. You may be considering an Aetna dental insurance plan for helping cut back on some of your dental costs, but there are some other thins to consider as well. An insurance policy for your dental work will save you some money but the problem is that there are many procedures that the policy simply will not cover. Things like braces, teeth whitening, and deep teeth cleanings are often not covered at all, but you will still have to pay that monthly premium. And another problem is that if you do end up using up all of your dental insurance for that

Can not Trim Your Own Toenails? Medicare MAY Have You Covered

[ad_1] Toenails seem like a simple part of our body to care for, and in many instances this is true. Unfortunately, as we age, several factors conspire to make this seemingly simple task more difficult. The advance of time and years of shoe pressure and minor injury often lead to toenails that are thickened, and differently shaped. Nail fungus infections become more common, further thickening the nails. The body's ability to bend over to reach the toes decreases, especially when hip or back disease is present, or if the belly is a bit too large. Vision issues can also hamper one's ability to see the nails safely. When one combines these factors, what is left is nails that standard nail

7 Free or Low Cost IVF Treatment Programs That You May Not Know About

[ad_1] A major obstacle for many couples considering IVF is the cost. Here are some options you may not know of that would help with the cost of IVF treatment. IVF Research Trials for Free or Inexpensive Treatment Some infertility clinics have IVF research or treatment trials that receive IVF funding and grants. Research your area or online to see if there are any you qualify for. You will want to do your research on the fertility clinic to make sure that it is reputable, as well as check out the facility to make sure the staff is friendly and the rooms and equipment are clean. An IVF trial will be inexpensive, and you may even able to get free

How to Properly Insure Your Concrete Pumps

[ad_1] The business of concrete pumping comes with many challenges, one of them is being adequately insured when something goes wrong. Many concrete pumping companies have pumps and assume they're automatically insured under their general liability policy, unfortunately they are not. Trailer concrete pumps should be insured under what is called an inland marine floater. This type of insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for your pump, insuring it from perils such as theft, vandalism, and damage you may cause it in the event of a car accident. This is similar to the coverage you may have on your car. Just like any other trailer, liability coverage is automatically extended from the vehicle to the trailer it's towing. For example: If

Benefits of Being a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

[ad_1] The Financial Rewards Including a Company Car A career in pharmaceutical sales offers some of the best benefits and perks anyone can ask for in a job. Typical starting salaries are in the low $30,000s and established representatives can have base salaries in the $90,000s. Bonuses on top of that for high sales performers can easily push incomes into the six figure range. But in addition to the money, there are numerous other attractive perks in pharmaceutical sales. One of the nicest perks that pharmaceutical sales representatives enjoy is the use of recent model company cars. These are usually midsize sedans that are leased under a company fleet program. Some pharmaceutical companies even offer minivans to their sales forces