Burst Pipes: Learn the Reasons That Cause a Water Disaster in Your Home


People living in the colder regions of the country are familiar with burst pipes. It is a common problem that homeowners have to face every year. The occurrence of such pipes is a plumbing emergency because it can damage your precious property and expensive belongings.

What is the Reason behind Burst Pipes?

The molecules of water are compressed when it is in the liquid state. But, when the temperature decreases steadily, water begins to freeze. And, the molecules in the frozen water expand and take up more space. It creates a pressure on the pipes resulting in burst pipes.

Insurance companies assert that the claims related to burst pipes rise during winter. But, you must understand that extreme cold is not the only reason for the problem. There are several other reasons that can result into a water disaster in your home.

· Expansion of Metal

Homeowners believe that cold is the single reason for the problem. But, sometimes expansion of metal in summer also results in burst pipes.

Excessive heat dries the soil around your home. And, dry soil shifts around more easily than moist soil. The constant movement of soil can put extreme pressure on the pipes causing them to rupture.

· Excessive Pressure

Our needs have increased over a period of time. We require large quantities of water for washing cars, filling swimming pools, sprinkling the garden area, etc. Increased demand for water can lead to excessive pressure on the plumbing system of your home. If you do not make changes to the plumbing system according to your requirements, it is possible that you will have to face the problem of burst pipes in the near future.

· Clogged Pipes

If the pipes are clogged because of dirt, food particles, oil particles, soap scum, etc., it will lead to development of pressure in the pipes. Usually, it can result into water backup. But, if you do not attend to the issue of water backup, it can cause the problem of burst pipes. So, it is wise to maintain the plumbing system regularly.

· Faulty Plumbing System

Usually, pipes are damaged due to natural causes such as corrosion. But, if your plumbing contractor has committed a few errors while installing the plumbing system, it can also damage the pipes. If he has committed the following errors, it can end in indoor flooding:

· Poor connection between the pipes

· Installation of inaccurate pipes

· Use of old rusty pipes in the plumbing system

· Failure in removing tree roots that wrap around the pipes and damage them

Hire an Expert Plumber to take care of Burst Pipes

The problem of burst pipes will result in indoor flooding and property damage. So, it is essential to contact an expert plumber immediately. He will be able to limit the damage caused to your property. Also, he will help you in drying your home and its belongings to prevent any mold development in the future.

If you have faced a problem of burst pipes in the past, do not forget to hire plumbers for annual drain cleaning. It will ensure that you do not have to face a water disaster in the future.


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