Boyfriend Gift Ideas For The Guy Who Spends A Lot Of Time In His Car


Your boyfriend’s job has him going from place to place calling on clients or dealing with jobs onsite. He spends a lot of time in his car. Here are a couple of gift ideas that will save him money and make his car trips more enjoyable.

Start with a radar detector for sure. There is never a good time to get caught going over the speed limit, especially if he is already late for an appointment. Add the stress of receiving a ticket on top of the client’s disappointment in his tardiness and the day just keeps getting worse. If your boyfriend spends a lot of time on the highways then having a lead foot is almost certain disaster. There are some sleek radar detectors that have a style all their own.

Add a heated car mug and he’ll be able to enjoy that cup of coffee no matter how long he is stuck in traffic. There is nothing worse than buying a much needed coffee only to have it become too cold to drink before you’ve gotten to the end. If your boyfriend spends a lot of time in the car, he has already had his fair share of hot beverages that have turned cold and undrinkable.

A sunglasses holder is one of those conveniences that normally gets thought of only after a pair of sunglasses has been sat on or been crushed underneath a briefcase. It’s lucky that there are affordable sunglasses since so many times they need to be replaced due to damage rather than being lost. With a sunglasses holder that attaches to the visor his sunglasses will always be right where he placed them in the condition that he expects them to be.

It’s easy to make your boyfriend more comfortable in the car when he’s got the accessories to make it that way. Sometimes the best gift ideas come from being practical and trying to help someone out. Though the sunglasses holder will save him a couple of bucks and the heated mug will satisfy his comfort zone, it is the radar detector that will save much more in the long run. No ticket means no extra expense to pay, no higher insurance premiums, and no stress from being late to work or an important meeting. These boyfriend gift ideas will help get him back to you much calmer and with a couple extra bucks in his pocket to take you out.


Source by Mary T. Cruickshank

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