Problems About Curing Astigmatism


Astigmatism can lead to blurred vision. It is the result of deformation in lens, but can be easily cured. Generally, the lens of astigmatism sufferers is uneven and has some curvature on it. Sometimes, astigmatism may occur with other eye problems, like myopia and farsightedness. Astigmatism can be an inborn problem for many people. But the problem will not get worsen until some particular period. One of the commonest ways to treat it is wearing some corrective lenses. Yet wearing lenses is also very troublesome. And astigmatism surgery is a better choice. But the cost of the surgery is very expensive and will seldom be covered by some insurance.

The deformed lens can be reshaped through LASIK surgery and refractive lens surgery. During the LASIK surgery, laser will be used as scalpel. It will reshape the lens after making a cut on the cornea. As for refractive lens surgery, the entire lens will be removed, treated and placed back to the cornea.

The eye doctor will tell whether one is a good candidate for astigmatism surgery after some examinations. Generally, the candidates for the surgery should meet two demands- maintain good physical health and have regular eye examinations. After that, the candidate will receive a test through which the severity of astigmatism can be detected. Some special equipment will be used to check the change, the position and amount of the problem.

In addition, there are also many other things should be taken into consideration, including the cost, the recovery, possible pain, etc. Generally, most receivers can leave the hospital immediately after the surgery. Only some numbing and sedative drops will be used, without injection. The procedure will cost only several minutes for each eye. However, the cost of the surgery is relatively expensive, without the help of insurance. And some complications, like infections, retaking the surgery, etc. may occur to some receivers.

Why is the cost so expensive? It is not covered by any insurance and each eye may cost $2200. Of course, receivers can ask for different payment plans.


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