Correcting Cat’s Bad Behaviour: How To Discipline Your Cat; You’ll Be Happy; Your Cat Will Be Too!

[ad_1] At some time or another even the sweetest cat “misbehaves.” Ironically, a cat’s bad act is usually quite normal behavior for her, but may have a result humans don’t like or want. Screaming at the cat or physically punishing her won’t alter negative behavior. The best way to change undesirable behavior is to eliminate the opportunity and/or distract the cat to an acceptable alternative. Immediacy is vital: even seconds late may be ineffective. You must do it as soon as the cat starts misbehaving. Distracting a cat away from an act is not very difficult. A loud, unfamiliar noise will quickly get her attention. Some cat owners use a low growling sound, others imitate the grating sound of a

Cliches Associated With Insurance

[ad_1] Isn’t it funny how many cliches can be associated with insurance? I think when a couple of sayings and anecdotes were invented; the inventors had the term insurance in mind! Have a look at a couple of the following sayings and tell me if you agree… Nothing is certain, but death and taxes. This can be changed to – nothing is certain, but death and insurance. No matter who we are, what we do, how much money we have or which car we drive… we need insurance! All is fair in love and war. Once again, this can be changed to “all is fair in love and insurance.” Don’t you agree that we are at the mercy of insurance

How to Handle Your Dog During His Health Examination

[ad_1] No dog owner likes a sick pet. Dog health issues can be treated during an examination. You however have a role to play during an examination and this article will prove beneficial in that respect. Many dogs are extremely nervous and fidgety during examinations. This nervousness or restlessness interferes with the check up and therefore your assistance in restraining your dog will be of great help. The first thing required of you is to have some level of control over your pet usually by means of a leash. It will also be beneficial if you have some voice commands it listens to. During examination, if you notice your dog is being uncooperative, try distracting your dog by scratching behind

Guinea Pigs – Characteristics of the Common Guinea Pig

[ad_1] Over the past century, the guinea pig has become a popular pet in the United States. While we are all familiar with this common animal, there are many facts concerning it that are not necessarily common knowledge. Please read along as we discover and discuss some interesting facts about this common and loveable house pet. The guinea pig has a very delicate bone structure. Because of this, their bones break fairly easily. For this reason, these little animals should be handled carefully and loosely. Never squeeze or hug a your pig tightly. Also, one must be very careful to insure that these pets are not dropped from excessive heights nor allowed to jump from high surfaces such as tables,

Top 10 Common Pet Iguana Illnesses

[ad_1] Iguanas are not immune to falling ill. Just like humans, they can become sick at any time and when it happens they will need the necessary treatment and care to recover from their illnesses. Here are some common iguana sicknesses that need veterinary attention immediately as well as sufficient medication. Take note, otherwise you could end up losing your favorite pet. 1) Fibrous Osteodystrophy or Metabolic Bone Disease: This results from extreme malnutrition and bad feeding. When you purchase your pet, you should take advice on nutrition from the pet shop. A common issue with iguana owners is that they often like to feed their pets lettuce and squash. However, lettuce contains no nutrient value and is therefore referred

What the Vet Doesn’t Tell You About Neutering – Dog Health Care Help

[ad_1] There are many reasons why you might choose to have your male dog neutered, but there is still a lot of scepticism surrounding this and questions are being raised about whether or not it is worth having done. The neutering of male dogs is common practice in the US and UK, and it has been known to have many advantages. However, there are some pet owners that are concerned it can have an adverse effect on their pet pooch, and they quite simply want to know if is a worthwhile part of general dog health care. Overactive Pets For many dog owners, dog health care does involve neutering, because they are often advised by their veterinary clinic that it

Some Fun Facts About the Piebald Dachshund

[ad_1] The piebald dachshund is the same as any other dachshund except for its distinct color. The term piebald originated in the United Kingdom, and it refers to a type of unusual coloring that has a white base and can be combined with brown, black and sometimes gray. This coloring is seen in a few different types of dogs, as well as in other animals like the pinto horse, where it originated. A piebald dachshund will have a white coat with color blotches scattered in a variety of patterns across their body. The piebald dachshund’s colors are usually white with brown or white with black, and the colors do not look like the spots found on a Dalmatian dog. Piebald

Will a Dalmatian Be the Best Pet Dog for You? The Pros and Cons

[ad_1] Learn Why a Dalmatian Will or Won’t Be the Best Pet Dog for You No matter what you have heard, Dalmatians make excellent pets. They are strong, energetic, smart and noble dogs. They do mature slowly and are somewhat strong-willed so the correct training is a must. Training them does take a lot of patience but both you and your pet Dalmatian will be better for it. Like all breeds, they have certain needs and limitations. With the right start they can become a pet that will be much loved and will make any family proud. Pros: Dalmatians are very intelligent. They, historically, were trained as hunters, herders, carriage dogs, firehouse mascots and even circus dogs. Their short coats

Japanese Pet Names For Your Special Pet

[ad_1] Most Japanese pet names are based off of certain things that are rich in their culture such as special meanings, special words, and exotic parts of the land, exotic flowers and famous people in Japanese history. Whichever name you prefer, you can always do research on it to find out the true meaning and origin. If you are looking for ideas to base your Japanese pet names from, here are some common pet names for cats, dogs or any other pet that are derived from Japanese words: o Aiko – little love o Aki – born in Autumn o Akiko – autumn child o Anda – meet at the field o Akina – spring flower o Ayame – iris

Treating Bloating In Cats

[ad_1] Bloating in your cat is a physical condition in which your kitty has air in her stomach. This article examines some of the causes of cat bloating, one of the most common cat health problems today. Apart from the presence of gas, which can be caused due to indigestion in the stomach, your cat may experience a bloated feeling if there is a blockage in her stomach. If your kitty eats more than it can easily digest, it is possible that it will get bloated. The major symptoms of bloating include a swollen belly, excess gas, and flatulence. The cat may also belch or pass wind. However in more severe cases, the cat may also vomit or at least